Creative empowerment to take control of your health, your wealth, your future……

Virtual Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible by providing innovative, out of the box solutions to individuals, businesses and physicians. From the person looking for a way to affordably access a physician or minimize co-pays and deductibles to businesses wanting to find a solution for employee benefits to physicians and medical providers who are dedicated to remaining independent, VHS is working to bring solutions to the attention of those in need.

Susan was introduced to VHS in February of 2017 and was instantly drawn to the platform. She had been rolling the dice to stay one step ahead of a catastrophic event that could devastate her life due to a health issue or an accident for years and when she was introduced to Virtual Healthcare Solutions; her entire perspective changed. Although it is NOT traditional insurance and NOT something that would cover major medical situations, Virtual Healthcare Solutions provides a way to keep health in her favor. It also allows her to continue to support her belief in holistic medicine by having a traditional physician diagnosis an illness, then she can use natural remedies for the cure.

Susan joined VHS as the Arizona Benefits Consultant to educate and empower individuals to take an active role in their own health and wealth. Susan has always been passionate about empowering others to take an active role in their lives through self improvement, education and exploration of ideas/ideologies different than their own and this gave her a platform to do exactly that.

Susan has been instrumental in growing the VHS platform to include work with nonprofit organizations to create a residual income for them to further their causes. Susan conducts workshops and seminars to teach individuals and businesses on how to implement VHS into their benefits programs. In her eyes, it’s not about exposing people to the available products to having them subscribe to the services. It is about teaching people to utilize the available benefits to take charge of their health!